CEO - Latoya Mcleary

CEO - Latoya Mcleary


Talk about a Boss Babe that never sleeps. Founder of HauteLife World Eyewear Latoya Mcleary Avid Traveler, Fashion Stylist and Creative Director.

HauteLife World is Inspired by People and Cultures from all around the World. The Collection is named after some of The World’s most exotic places.

The Kingston Eyewear named after vibrant capital city in Jamaica. An Island nation with lush topography of mountains, rainforest and reef-lined beaches.

The Milano Eyewear embodies the Fashion landscape of Milan, Italy. The Saint Barthelemy (St Barts) named after The Beautiful French-speacking Caribbean Island known for its white-sand beaches and designer shops.

Take a trip around the world through the chic lenses of the HauteLife World Eyewear Collection and Live your Grandest Life.